[Irtalk] A better term for "scholarly communication"?

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Hi Alison,

Good point. However in the context if an academic library would it nit be
more correct to say scholarly publishing, and then the research office
manage research communication in a holistic fashion. See the graphic here:



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On 8 July 2015 at 13:40, Allison Fullard <afullard at uwc.ac.za> wrote:

>  Hi All
> I was following an interesting thread on the discussion list called
> ScholComm.  An individual noted that the term "scholarly communication"
> tends to be used rather loosely to reference a whole range of activities.
> The outcome of the on and off conversation has been posted as a blog by
> Kevin Hawkins at http://www.ultraslavonic.info/blog/?p=89
> What I note is that the term may be used as shorthand for at least 3
> separate concepts and that we could try to apply greater precision.
> Helpfully, some alternative terms are offered for use in particular
> settings.
> "I’m always a bit afraid to use “scholarly” when talking to anyone but a
> humanities scholar since I sense that people in most other fields use
> “scientific” or “research” in these cases. So I like “research
> communication”.
> Something to think about
> Best wishes
> Allison
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