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Malherbe, N, Mev <nmalherbe@sun.ac.za> nmalherbe at sun.ac.za
Thu Sep 8 13:24:48 SAST 2011

Dear Colleagues,

Just to summarise what was said at the past week’s SP 2010 staff training sessions.

All training material is available at http://wiki.bib.sun.ac.za/index.php/Training.  Use these step-by-step instructions together with our new web style guide available on SharePoint at Library and Information Service > Komitees & Projekte / Committees & Projects > Komitees - Committees > Webkomitee - Web committee > Webstylgids. Note this is a work-in-progress.

The URL for all content editing / population is http://author.bib.sun.ac.za/.

For access / permissions queries to above authoring site, contact Wouter.

All content editing / population queries:
9-19 September                         Lucia
20 September onwards              Natasja

content editing and population Monday 12 September – Friday 14 October (5 weeks). Please await Ina’s confirmation e-mail Monday.

Copy & paste:
Don’t copy and paste text from FrontPage or a Word document directly into SharePoint.  First dump text in notepad to get rid of all the HTML before copying and pasting it into SharePoint.  FrontPage / Word ►Notepad ► SharePoint.

Wait for Justin Alberts’s new photos before you start uploading images onto SharePoint web.

Thank you in advance and good luck!

Natasja Malherbe
Informasietegnologie /  Information Technology
US Biblioteek- & Inligtingsdiens   /  SU Library & Information Service
Stellenbosch University, Private Bag X5036, 7599, South Africa
Tel:  +27 21 808 2845                                Fax: +27 21 808 3723

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