[IRTalk] Stepping up Open Science Training for European Research

Hilton Gibson hilton.gibson at gmail.com
Sun Jul 17 10:16:36 SAST 2016

Open science refers to all things open in research and scholarly
communication: from publications and research data to code, models and
methods as well as quality evaluation based on open peer review. *However,
getting started with implementing open science might not be as
straightforward for all stakeholders. For example, what do research funders
expect in terms of open access to publications and/or research data? Where
and how to publish research data? How to ensure that research results are
reproducible?* These are all legitimate questions and, in particular, early
career researchers may benefit from additional guidance and training. In
this paper we review the activities of the European-funded FOSTER project
which organized and supported a wide range of targeted trainings for open
science, based on face-to-face events and on a growing suite of e-learning
courses. This article reviews the approach and experiences gained from the
first two years of the project.

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