[Irtalk] Why you can’t read scientific research - Well Red, White, and Rosé

Hilton Gibson hilton.gibson at gmail.com
Sun Jul 26 18:05:58 SAST 2015

If you want the guts of someone’s research – exactly what methods they
used, the data before they’re sanitized into tidy conclusions –
mega-publishing companies* ask you to pay US $30 or more to buy or even
rent the full text of an academic article. Abstracts are usually free and
give you a summary of the main idea. But abstracts are no help if you want
details. If you’re trying to ascertain whether the research relates to your
practical work, you probably want details.

*Seriously, does anyone ever empty their metaphorical pocket money for a
single-article access? Ever? You’re either fortunate enough to work for a
university or company that publishers can blackmail into paying
extortionist fees for “institutional access,” or you do without.*

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