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As libraries grew in stature, the processes and procedures used in library
services gave birth to a new discipline called Library Science. Various
universities then started courses. In later years, during the 1990s, these
universities added ‘information science’ to the course name. With this, the
role of the librarian and the techie became one. The librarian of today has
the same onus — he or she has to adopt new technology to improve
discoverability of and access to all types of information in all physical
media and formats as radically and broadly as possible.

However, despite changes in technologies, digital resources and society in
general, Dr SR Ranganathan’s Five Laws of Library Science (Books are for
use; Every reader (should be able to obtain) his or her book; Every book
its reader (each book will find someone); Save the time of the reader; The
library is a growing organism) still apply to libraries today. Michael
Gorman redefined these laws in the context of the digital era as follows:*
Libraries should serve humanity; they should respect all forms by which
knowledge is communicated; use technology intelligently to enhance service;
protect free access to knowledge and honour the past and create the future.*


*​Excellent summary of the "new" librarian.​*
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