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Mon Dec 29 13:56:59 SAST 2014

Managing subscription journals and open access charges together has created
challenges which may in part be dealt with by offsetting the two revenue
streams against each other. In order to do this, it is necessary to have
reliable financial data about the extent of the two interacting markets.
Jisc Collections has been undertaking data collection regarding
universities' article publication charge (APC) expenditure. This process is
difficult without a standardized way of recording data, so Jisc Collections
has developed a standard data collection template and is helping
institutions to release data openly. If available data become more
comprehensive and transparent, then all parties (libraries, publishers,
research funders, and intermediaries) will have better knowledge of the APC
market and can more accurately predict the effects of offsetting.


*​Open for now, not sure for how long?​*
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