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4th African Conference for Digital Scholarship and Curation
'Innovation & collaboration in the digital research and learning environments'

Collaboration is an acknowledged and important source of innovative thinking. The rapid development of new and emerging technologies have ensured that the creation and pursuit of new ideas can be brought to community by networks of individuals, selected because of their individual contributions and credibility, and operating in a coordinated manner. This conference will attempt to surface some of the innovations brought about as a result of such collaborations.  We will also endeavour to highlight the role technology plays in enabling collaborations and in collectively building repositories of data and knowledge.

The deployment of powerful computers, high-speed networks, and large scale storage technologies has made the academic and research landscape increasingly dynamic. Emerging professional are much more information and computer literate than ever before.  They also have a very different expectation for both the university and work experience. These transformations oblige us in academia, research and the general information service provision industry to seriously seek and develop strategies and solutions to effectively harness the new opportunities.  The 2-day conference is organized under the joint banner of the Network of Data and Information Curation Centres (NeDICC), the University of Botswana and the University of Pretoria (South Africa). The conference will address various issues of digital scholarship, digital curation and the accompanying emerging technologies. We are specifically also calling for case studies and success stories.

Authors are invited to submit abstracts for papers linked to the main and sub-themes of the conference. All papers will be peer reviewed and selected ones will be published in an international refereed journal. Abstracts and proposals (in electronic format) for papers, posters and workshops should be submitted before 30 October 2010.

Please submit to:
Nomvuyelo Ngcangula
E:mail: nngcangula at csir.co.za<mailto:nngcangula at csir.co.za>

Those wanting to co-ordinate workshops or deliver conference posters: these will not be peer reviewed but will be made accessible via the conference web site.  Such contributions may be submitted until 30 January 2011.

Conference Dates and Venue
Dates: 17 -19 May 2011
Venue: CSIR International Convention Centre, Pretoria, South Africa

Conference theme
Main theme:  Innovation & collaboration in the digital research and learning environments


Innovative research
Research and scientific collaboration
Innovation in science
eResearch and eScience
Virtual Research Environments
Data management
Data curation
Managing large data sets
Data repositories
Data mining for research purposes
Mobile service delivery

Teaching and learning
eLearning and mLearning
Gaming in education
Open and distance learning in a digital environment
Digital scholarship readiness
Virtual worlds
Living labs

Technical infrastructure
Africa's undersea fibre infrastructure
Cloud and grid computing
Open source
Digital divides
Web 2.0 technologies & applications
Emerging technologies and Digital scholarship
Remote hosting services

Disseminating research results
Open access
Open data
Digital commons
Institutional repositories
Federated repositories

Ethics, trust and intellectual property in the e-Environment
Protection of indigenous knowledge in an electronic environment
Scholarly communication, peer review and publications in a digital environment
Data and information security
eResearch and indigenous knowledge
Quality assurance and best practices in digital scholarship
Policy frameworks for digital scholarship
Research management in digital environments


* Paper presentations
* Poster presentations
* Exhibitions
* Workshops


Paper length:  Maximum of 5000 words inclusive of references

Abstract lengths: 500 words

Citation format: APA (American Psychological Association Format)

Format of the paper:
Introduction (providing context of digital scholarship issue),
research problem,
findings and discussion,
implications, conclusions and recommendations

Case studies:
Case studies, success stories but also 'lessons learnt' papers are encouraged!

Key Deadlines
* Submission of abstracts by prospective paper presenters: 30 October 2010
* Selection and acceptance of abstracts: 30 November  2010
* Deadline for full paper submission by presenters: 30 January 2011
* Review of papers completed: 30 March 2011
* Draft programme released: early February 2011
* Presentation files submitted: 1 May 2011
* Submissions for posters: 30 January 2011
* Submissions for workshops: 30 January 2011

Target audience
* Scientists and researchers
* Research managers
* Educationists
* Information scientists, Librarians and other information professionals
* ICT infrastructure service providers and managers - mobile services, computing and software
* System engineers
* System developers
* Information Technology Managers
* Spatial and other data analysts
* e-Space analyst
* Technology stewards
* Archivists, records managers, curators
* Policy makers - in tertiary education, science and technology centres
* Young professionals: those who need to gain exposure to the new work environment; and
* Seasoned professionals wanting to stay relevant.

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