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Dear *Sir/Madam*

The *Asian Economic and Social Society and Pak Publishing Group* are
organizing a *2nd** International Conference on Emerging Trends in
Scientific Research, 1-2 November, 2014**, Pearl International Hotel, Kuala
Lumpur, Malaysia.*

Website: http://www.pakrdw.com/?ic=details&id=5

We would like to take this opportunity to invite you and your colleagues to
attend this conference on *1, 2 November, 2014 Malaysia*. Please share this
call for paper with your friends and colleagues through forwarding

The call for paper find below this e-mail.

*Call for Paper*

The 2nd *International Conference on Emerging Trends in Scientific Research*
is organized by the Asian Economic and Social Society, and Pak Publishing
Group. The purpose of this conference is to bring together researchers from
around the globe in order to present and discuss new trends in the fields
of Scientific Research.

*Conference Main Theme*:   Discussing *Emerging Trends in Scientific

*Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:*

Biomedical & Life Sciences

Business & Economics

Chemistry & Materials Science

Computer Science & Communications

Earth & Environmental Sciences


Medicine & Healthcare

Physics & Mathematics

Social Sciences & Humanities

Foundations of Science, Engineering and Technology

Applications of Science, Engineering and Technology


All selected papers will be published in a book with an ISBN by Pak
publishing Group. Conference proceedings will be submitted to ISI Thomson
Reuters Web of Science, Google Scholar, and Microsoft Academic Search for
consideration and indexation.

*Journal Publication*

After conference presentation few selected papers will publish in the
special or regular issues of  the following journals :

*Procedia-Economics and Finance (Scopus Indexed)*

*Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences (Scopus Indexed)*

*Asian Economic and Financial Review*

(*Online ISSN:* 2222-6737 - *Print ISSN:* 2305-2147)

URL: http://www.aessweb.com/journals/5002
*International journal of Asian Social Science*

(*Online ISSN: *2224-4441*- Print ISSN: *2226-5139 )

URL : http://www.aessweb.com/journals/5007
*Journal of Asian Scientific Research*

 ( *Online ISSN: *2223-1331 *- Print ISSN: *2226-5724 )

URL : http://www.aessweb.com/journals/5003
*The International Journal of Biotechnology*

( *Online ISSN:* 2306-6148 - *Print ISSN:* 2306-9864 )

URL : http://www.pakinsight.com/?ic=journal&journal=57
*International Journal of English Language and Literature Studies*

( *Online ISSN:* 2306-0646 - *Print ISSN:* 2306-9910)

URL: http://www.aessweb.com/journals/5019
*International Journal of Geography and Geology*

( *Online ISSN: *2305-7041 *- Print ISSN: *2306-9872 )

URL: http://www.pakinsight.com/?ic=journal&journal=10
*International Journal of Management and Sustainability*

(*Online ISSN:* 2306-0662 *- Print ISSN:* 2306-9856 )

URL : http://www.pakinsight.com/?ic=journal&journal=11
*International Journal of Sustainable Development & World Policy*

(*Online ISSN: *2305-705X *- Print ISSN: *2306-9929)

URL: http://www.pakinsight.com/?ic=journal&journal=26
*International Journal of Sustainable Energy and Environmental Research*

(*Online ISSN: *2306-6253 *- Print ISSN:*2312-5764)

URL: http://www.pakinsight.com/?ic=journal&journal=13

*International Journal of Chemistry and Materials Research*

( *Online ISSN: *2311-763X *- Print ISSN: *2312-0991 )

URL: http://www.pakinsight.com/?ic=journal&journal=64

*International Journal of Natural Sciences Research*

 ( *Online ISSN: *2311-4746 *- Print ISSN:* 2311-7435 )

URL: http://www.pakinsight.com/?ic=journal&journal=63

*International Journal of Mathematical Research*

 (*Online ISSN: *2306-2223 *- Print ISSN: *2311-7427 )

URL: http://www.pakinsight.com/?ic=journal&journal=24


Abstract Submission Date: 1st  September, 2014

Decision of Acceptance/Rejection: Within 15 days of submission

Full Paper Submission Date: 1st October, 2014

Early Bird Discount Date: 1st  October, 2014

Conference date: 1-2 November, 2014

*Submit your paper: http://www.pakrdw.com/?ic=details&id=5&info=submission
<http://www.pakrdw.com/?ic=details&id=5&info=submission> *

*Registration:* http://www.pakrdw.com/?ic=details&id=5&info=dates

*Download Conference Brochure:*

*Contact Information*

ICETSR 2014 Secretariat
Asian Economic and Social Society

Pak Publishing Group

E-mail: conference at pakinsight.com ; editor at aessweb.com

Website: http://www.pakrdw.com/?ic=details&id=5
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