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Smith, Ina <ismith@sun.ac.za> ismith at sun.ac.za
Thu Jul 21 15:20:34 SAST 2011

Colleagues (IT people - please scroll to end of e-mail where it says Thank you)

Good news! Finally the day has arrived .... The first journal (SPIL) has been created, and I will create the rest during the afternoon. See http://spil.journals.ac.za

Just a few things:

Journal Manager
I will register each one of you as a Journal Manager, after which you will receive an e-mail with the request to change your password. Please read the e-mail carefully, and continue with the journal setup once I have informed you that your journal is now available. Where you don't know what to fill in, please leave open, and we can get back to it at a later stage

Later on, as a Journal Manager, you will then have the responsibility to:

-          Register users or ask them to register

-          Assign roles

-          Create journal sections

-          Check the review forms, and add changes if you wish to

-          Check the e-mail wording, and change if you wish to

-          Create issues

-          Prepare the articles

-          Get articles submitted

-          Add the doi to the galley version of each article before publishing an issue

-          Assign articles to relevant issues and sections

-          Publish the issue when completed

There are excellent video tutorials available at http://pkp.sfu.ca/tutorials I will however compile a simple tutorial for you on how to make your current and retrospective articles available, and get it published. The Help files will also be documented at: http://wiki.lib.sun.ac.za/index.php/SUNJournals

Journal Setup
I will create the journal, and will do a basic Setup and will complete the following fields:

1.1   General Information (doi (please do not change), contact details)

5.4   Customizing the Look (footer). Please do not change (except for your ISSN or eISSN - we will customise it with time, to look more professional).

Journal URL
The journal URL's have been assigned as indicated previously, and as listed at: http://wiki.lib.sun.ac.za/index.php/SUNJournals You will already be able to go to the URL's, but except for SPIL, you will only be able to start working on it once I have registered you as a Journal Manager.

Server Specifications
Each journal will be hosted on a separate server, and each OJS installation will host one journal only. If the one server goes down, it won't impact on the rest at all. Also - if the journal changes ownership for some reason, it will be very easy to move.

Each journal has been assigned the following:


512 MB RAM
10GB Disk Space

It is recommended that we differentiate between printed journals and online journals. If your journal has been online before, it will probably have an eISSN. If not, please apply for one through scholar at sun.ac.za<mailto:scholar at sun.ac.za>

Digital Object Identifier (doi)
Each journal has its own doi prefix, as indicated at http://wiki.lib.sun.ac.za/index.php/SUNJournals/Journal_Managers . The system will automatically generate the doi, and in the end one will be able to view it via the "Reading Tools", which I will also activate for each journal.

We would strongly suggest you to embed the recommended citation incl. the doi as part of the galley pdf before going live, so that people who cite articles can do it the correct way. It should preferably be added to the header section of each page, so that it catches the eye easily and people won't need to search for it when wanting to cite it.

The doi will be generated as follows:
volume - issue - article id

E.g. the hyperlinked doi for an article from SPIL, published in vol. 20 issue 3, and with the OJS generated article id 77, will look as follows:
http://dx.doi.org/10.5774/20-3-77 (just an example - not real article yet)

I will also compile a tutorial to assist you with this very easy process.

Digitizing retrospective articles
When digitizing retrospective articles only available in print, please remember to OCR it, to make it machine readable. This way search engines will be able to pick it up, and properly index it.

Outstanding issues
The following will be addressed ASAP:

-          Back-up's (next week - Hilton)

-          Firewall to be opened so that journals will be accessible off-campus (next week - IT & Hilton)

-          Preservation on LOCKSS (from August)

-          And all the rest listed at http://wiki.lib.sun.ac.za/index.php/SUNJournals/To-do

Lastly - Thank you
We are still in a very early stage, and hopefully we will have some proper journals to showcase soon! Prof Arnold van Zyl visited on Tuesday, and is very excited about this new initiative. He is also fully aware of the 7 journals participating as part of the pilot project, and we have his full support!

At this stage, a word of thanks ....

-          To all of you - for being prepared to take baby steps with us, for your patience, and for not complaining once!

-          To IT (especially Joe and Danie) - for their assistance in securing journals.ac.za for us, approving RTAD requests, their patience with me asking dumb questions (a non-IT person) and all the other IT related things.

-          To our Library IT, and specifically to Hilton - he did an incredible job behind the scenes to get all sorted out, and I personally would be forever thankful to him and the level of IT support he provided and will provide in future.

I will be on leave during next week, but Paulette and Hilton will be available to assist if needed. Please do not hesitate to contact them at any stage.

With kind regards

Ina Smith
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