[IRTalk] FW: Should “predatory” papers be listed on a CV?

Lazarus Matizirofa lazarus.matizirofa at nrf.ac.za
Fri Jul 20 14:16:54 SAST 2018

da Silva, J.A.T.a , Tsigaris, P.b
Academics must list all publications on their CV
(2018) KOME, 6 (1), pp. 94-99.

a P. O. Box 7, Miki-cho post office, Ikenobe 3011-2Kagawa-ken, Japan
b Department of Economics, Thompson Rivers University, 805 TRU Way, Kamloops, BC, Canada

The issue of “predatory” publishing continues in the post-Jeffrey Beall era, especially among open access (OA) journals and publishers. Even though the Beall blog was shut down in mid-January of 2017, there are members of academia and avid Beall fans who wish to see the continuation or resurrection of Beall’s black lists. Although some argue that in this day and age of fake academia, there is a need for clearly vetted blacklists to better guide authors of potentially “predatory” journals or publishers, it can be stated that Beall’s lists are not a solution, nor are the copy-cat sites that have cloned his lists. Others argue that blacklists should not be used at all for assessing the work of scholars. The post-Beall era has left a deep mark of stigmatization, i.e., those who have published in “predatory” OA journals or publishers, as determined by Beall, and now by others, and those who have not. One of the most prominent, well-funded and influential groups at the Center for Journalology at The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, in Canada, led by David Moher, a highly cited researcher, has called for academics to clear their curriculum vitae (CV) of “predatory” papers if they have such publications. The Moher group advocates for academics to declare that their CV is free of such “predatory publications”, i.e., papers published in OA journals or publishers blacklisted by Beall, while Mitchell S. Cappell argues in The BMJ that “predatory” papers should be included in a CV but in a separate category. We argue that the advice by both these factions is problematic and encourage academics to list all published work on their CVs, not to be boastful of numbers, but simply to make their CVs accurate and transparent. © The Author(s) 2018.

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