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I agree with Mark.

To add: it depends on the focus and scope of the institutional repository. If your repository focuses on collecting research output from your institution only, from researchers while they were affiliated with the institution, then you would only upload and preserve items from that (your) institution. If all institutions take responsibility for their own, it becomes a shared responsibility across institutions, and duplication will not be necessary.

Another option is to harvest metadata from the source repository, and not duplicating the full text. Also consider retractions over the long term and how it will impact, should a full text of an item need to be retracted, and what happens with numerous copies all over? How do you plan to manage that?

I think it is for the home institution to give the final stamp of approval/authenticity, taking the numerous workflows & auditing processes behind the scene into account, in line with the criteria for a trusted repository.

Kind regards

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Hi Tyson

The simplest solution is to create a metadata on your repository and include the source uri (dc.source) or uri identifier (dc.identifier.uri) using the handle address from the TUT repository.  The identifier uri will display on your record's landing page.

Kind regards
Mark Snyders

On Fri, Apr 21, 2017 at 2:07 PM, Mabunda, Tyson <ttmabunda at uj.ac.za<mailto:ttmabunda at uj.ac.za>> wrote:
Dear Colleagues

UJ staff member completed her Thesis (year:2010) at TUT as TUT student, and now she want her Thesis available on the UJ repository.

How do you handle such request?

NB: the copyright owner of the Thesis is TUT

Univ of Namibia –example:

Let’s talk

Kind regards,
Tyson Mabunda
UJ Institutional Repository
University of Johannesburg


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