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Wed Sep 28 10:14:55 SAST 2016

For example, since the organizers recognized that there were those who
wished to discuss other issues than what was on the main agenda, they set
up space for an “unconference” for people to leave the room and congregate
around these fringe topics. Wouldn’t you know, one of those “fringe” topics
turned out to be a discussion, proposed by a colleague from India, of how
scholarly commons could meaningfully be built by and for researchers in the
global south? When it came time to begin our “unconference” discussion,
more than half of the attendees left the main room, including *all of the
attendees from the global south* and *virtually all of the attendees of
color*. Clearly this was an important issue up for discussion, one that the
majority of the attendees wished to see addressed. *But because it was not
a priority for the white, colonial scholarly commons agenda, it was
relegated, literally and physically, to the margins, ghettoized from the
main discourse.*

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