[IRTalk] Cloud hosting of open access services, using open source software

Ina Smith Ina at assaf.org.za
Fri Sep 9 12:07:11 SAST 2016

Dear Michael

Thank you. Anyone free to use whatever they want to. Also other hosting solutions. Thanks for making all aware of your service. We learn more every day!

African institutions mostly take responsibility for their own, empowering themselves, learning new skills. And personally I encourage lifelong self-learning and self-empowerment, and any initiatives supporting those. We will also be encouraging it as part of the DATAD project, and the African Open Science Platform Project, working with the AAU, CODATA, ICSU, DST and more.

I certainly take note and will refer inquiries to you as a possible option in terms of institutional repositories. Much appreciated Michael!

Kind regards

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Dear Ina and List

I have been enjoying receiving your list posts and when I saw this one, I thought I would take the opportunity to introduce our organisation, which provides managed DSpace hosting for institutions such as universities and NGOs.

We also provide DSpace customisation and integration as well as Omeka, OJS, and Learning Managment System Hosting whihc can be integrated with the repositories to act as a leanring object repository.

Specialising in Education Technologies, our company mission is to make these services affordable for developing countries:

We have worked with the WHO, Institute of Development Studies, EIFL, universities in Norway, Myanmar, UK, Ghana, Australia, among others.

We would welcome an opportunity to discuss memebers' projects.

Kind regards,


Michael Guthrie


michael at knowledgearc.com<mailto:michael at knowledgearc.com>
+44 7872 961 612<tel:%2B44%207872%20961%20612>


On Thu, Sep 8, 2016 at 4:48 PM, Ina Smith <Ina at assaf.org.za<mailto:Ina at assaf.org.za>> wrote:
Dear Colleagues

Universities often has the required ICT infrastructure and skills to install open source software. If you however do not have the necessary expertise and server space, and if the ICT policy at your institution allows, an option is to host all in the cloud. See the following:

Hetzner self-managed servers: https://hetzner.co.za/dedicated-servers/ (they do the server setup, and your system admin can then install the software)
Hetzner managed servers: https://hetzner.co.za/managed-servers/

Host any open source software in the cloud, e.g. DSpace, OJS, Moodle, and more. If you know of other trusted cloud service providers, please share anytime. If you cannot afford the above on your own, maybe partner with others and share the expense.

Kind regards

Ina Smith
SciELO Planning Manager
Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf)

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