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Business managers and IT managers generally agree on the importance of
achieving their organization’s goals, and on the strategies and methods to
be used to achieve those goals – with one glaring and potentially
calamitous exception: backups.
Yes, the “b” word once again arises as a point of contention between
business units and IT departments. A recent survey by security firm
Bluelock found that one out of three companies has experienced a
“technology-related disruption” in the past two years, yet 11.5 percent of
the firms surveyed have no disaster-recovery plan at all. Zip. Nada. Goose
This despite the fact that 73 percent of business executives have “high
confidence” in their company’s ability to recover lost systems in a timely
manner. Only 45 percent of IT professionals share the assurance of the
business managers, according to the survey, which eWeek’s Nathan Eddy
reports on in an August 10, 2016, article.

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