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Hi All,

*This is one way that new features can be added or bugs can be fixed, by
forming a cooperative and paying a service provider to do the work.*


*Hilton Gibson*
Stellenbosch University Library

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From: Sarah Molloy <s.h.molloy at qmul.ac.uk>
Date: 1 March 2016 at 15:25
Subject: REF OA Compliance Checker for DSpace
To: DSPACE at jiscmail.ac.uk

Please see below, announcement from Sheridan Brown, Key Perspectives, on
behalf of Jisc.

JISC has engaged @mire to develop tools for repository managers and
submitters to verify whether publications in DSpace comply with the Open
Access policy of the UK’s  Higher Education Funding Bodies, as described in
the REF Open Access audit requirements
The outcome of the work will provide functionality similar to that offered
by a plugin <http://eprintsug.github.io/hefce_oa/> that is currently
available for EPrints.

@mire is seeking close collaboration with the UK DSpace community to ensure
that the results of this work can be swiftly adopted. The work will be
initially focused on developing tools for DSpace 4, with the goal to make
them compatible with DSpace 5 at a later stage of the project.  The work
already undertaken by the University of Edinburgh to standardize REF
specific metadata fields
<https://github.com/UoEMainLibrary/dspace-additions> will be taken into

*Public testing by mid-May 2016*

@mire will make a public test server for the new functionality available by
mid-May. At that point, the UK DSpace community will be consulted for
feedback and testing, prior to finalizing and porting the resulting code to
DSpace 5.

General questions about this project should be directed in the first
instance to Sheridan Brown <sbrown at keyperspectives.co.uk>; detailed
technical questions or feedback should be sent to Bram Luyten
<bram at atmire.com> at @mire.
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