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I think sustainable support for research visibility should be our number one priority. If we do not risk (at times) improving our services, products and platforms we are not going forward. At UP we developed a php front page so that we did not have to go into serious skinning of DSpace at high cost, that "improvement" costed us our first place this round, and we will now look into alternative measures. UJ might experience the go-over of re-indexing and re-routing now, but might come out tops in the following rankings ... we should be open to experiment without too much fear of Webometrics.

Ina, just one correction to your figures. UPSpace was ranked 73 in 2015 and the old ETD system at its peak ranked in 62nd position in 2013.


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Lets take it if item handles were not changed, the repository position would have not been so affected by the new domain name. If new handles were assigned then the current ranking position is understandable. My problem for the changes will be if new handles were assigned how do you resolve item links on staff webpages, citations, etc. 


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Dear Colleagues,

Congratulations to those institutions who feature on the list.

I do, however, feel compelled to respond to previous e-mails in order  
to ensure that possible incorrect information do not create  
unjustified impressions. I do not agree with the impact being assigned  
to a change in repository software as the current repository software  
used by UJ (and others) is fully open standards compliant in terms of  
accessing information (harvesting protocols etc.). There are a  
considerable number of sites on the ranking that can testify to the  
fact that the specific application is compliant in terms of open  
access (OA).

I would imagine that one of the possible reasons for a fall in the  
ranking might be due to a change in a the domain name which would most  
definitely impact on back-links etc. as per MajesticSEO and ahrefs  
(the two databases feeding information to determine the visibility of  
sites - a process which in itself takes time), as well as  
re-harvesting on Google & Google Scholar (extraction processes).  
During a change-over process a drop in ranking can be expected, but I  
am more than certain that the January edition of the rankings will be  
indicative of the true impact of repositories irrespective of software  
applications used.



Quoting Ina Smith <Ina at assaf.org.za>:

> Dear Lazarus
> One can definitely see the impact of not using open standards/open  
> sources software, which is part of the philosophy of open access. It  
> had a huge impact on the UJ repository, which is unfortunate.
> Kind regards
> Ina
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> Subject: Re: [IRTalk] SUNScholar/Ranking - Libopedia - July 2016
> Dear Colleagues
> Congratulations to SA's OA frontrunners, well done Hilton. I  
> acknowledged your team's work at the NRF's Centres of Excellence  
> Managers' Forum which was hosted at Stellenbosch yesterday.
> Something to note, UJ was number 6 or 7 last ranking. Its repository  
> moved to another commercial OA platform suddenly it slipped to the  
> 50s in the African repository rankings!
> Regards,
> Lazarus Matizirofa
> Knowledge Management Corporate
> National Research Foundation
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> Subject: Re: [IRTalk] SUNScholar/Ranking - Libopedia - July 2016
> Dear Hilton
> Thank you so much for continuing to document the rankings so that it  
> can be monitored. This helps quite a bit. Hopefully we can also do  
> this for repositories all over Africa. It is of great help when  
> trying to monitor own IR progress made, and to influence  
> institutional strategy and policy. The visibility of research via  
> the IR in the end contributes to the overall visibility of an  
> individual university.
> Congratulations to Stellenbosch University – 85 is the highest rank  
> an African repository achieved this far. This is out of a total  
> number of 2 271 internationally. The number of African repositories  
> have grown quite a bit, and more and more they appear among the SA  
> repositories, which is great. Slowly but surely Africa’s lost  
> science is shared with the world, and is starting to have an impact,  
> for others to benefit.
> Kind regards
> Ina
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> Subject: [IRTalk] SUNScholar/Ranking - Libopedia - July 2016
>> ​Hi All,
> The July 2016 Webometrics ratings have been released.
> See: http://repositories.webometrics.info/en/Ranking_africa
> And:
>> http://wiki.lib.sun.ac.za/index.php/SUNScholar/Ranking
> Well done to those who achieved or improved their ranking!​
> Cheers
> hg

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