[Irtalk] Project MUSE - LIS Education in the Digital Age for an African Agenda

Hilton Gibson hilton.gibson at gmail.com
Sat Jan 23 12:12:57 SAST 2016

To provide an exposé of digital-age library and information science (LIS)
education for an African agenda, this paper adopts an emergent qualitative
research design by drawing on the literature on LIS education in Africa. It
also draws on data gleaned from a survey of heads of schools of LIS in
South Africa, and from content analyses of LIS school websites in South
Africa and selected parts of the continent. The paper locates its narrative
within Abbott’s chaos of disciplines theory and concludes that the LIS
discipline’s “interstitial nature,” its “fractal distinctions in time,” and
the resulting chaos of disciplines should not be seen as a crisis for LIS
education in Africa and globally, but as an opportunity for a paradigm
shift to broaden the LIS disciplinary domain and to stake an intellectual
claim on this extended domain—and so contribute to the growth and
development of LIS services in Africa within the context of an African
development agenda.

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