[Irtalk] More Creative Commons Confusion: When Does NC Really Mean “Non-Commercial”? | The Scholarly Kitchen

Hilton Gibson hilton.gibson at gmail.com
Fri Mar 13 11:48:08 SAST 2015

One fascinating aspect of the whole non-controversy is how poorly those
complaining seem to understand Creative Commons licenses. There’s a
problematic assumption that a CC BY-NC-ND license prevents anyone from
making commercial reuse of the article (or a derivative work, for that
matter). This is resoundingly incorrect. *An NC license merely means that
in order to make commercial use of the article, one must obtain permission
from the copyright holder. *

*​Most publishers receive this permission at the point of publication.* The
author grants the publisher rights through a licensing agreement, which
usually includes the owner of the journal (in this case ESCMID). These
agreements give the publisher permission to make commercial use of the
article (this is clearly stated in Wiley’s information for authors). ​

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