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Hilton Gibson hilton.gibson at gmail.com
Tue Mar 3 13:06:27 SAST 2015

Associate Professor Suki Goodman from the School of Management Studies
reflects on UCT’s decision to offer Massive Open Online Courses in the
context of global changes in higher education that are increasingly
mediated by technology and the internet. She talks specifically about the
necessity of evaluating and monitoring this process so that lessons,
learning and feedback can be applied to UCT’s broader offerings in face to
face, blended and online teaching and learning contexts. This post is an
edited version of a speech given at the UCT MOOCs launch event on 24
February 2015.

The writing is on the wall, or more appropriately the dashboard. The world
is changing, everything is moving, the rate of change accelerating and
technology is the engine driving it all. What a few years ago was fantasy
and Sci-fi is currently being operationalised. *The educational revolution,
the revolution in education is happening, it’s happening now.*

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