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Hilton Gibson hilton.gibson at gmail.com
Mon Jun 29 12:28:23 SAST 2015

It was only in the late 20th century that refereeing was rebranded as “peer
review” and acquired (or reacquired) its modern connotation of proof beyond
reasonable doubt. The Oxford English Dictionary says that it was not until
1967 that “peer review” was first used – in the US – to describe “a form of
review of competence by others in the same occupation”; the dictionary
lists various quotations from the 1970s for the term’s more specialised
uses in scientific grant-making and publication.

*A Google ngram – which charts yearly frequencies of any phrase in printed
documents – makes the point starkly visible: it was in the 1970s that the
term “peer review” became widely used in English. *

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