[Irtalk] New webinar: The metadata round trip | ORCID

Hilton Gibson hilton.gibson at gmail.com
Wed Jul 8 21:31:17 SAST 2015

*We have been working with our partners to demonstrate the power and value
of interoperation.  Auto-updates of ORCID Records have been on our roadmap
since the beginning*.   When a researcher submits an article to a
publisher, a dataset to a data centre, or a grant to a funder, that is a
great moment to capture an ORCID iD and connect it to the work. When a
persistent identifier such as a DOI is minted for the work, the ORCID iD
can be included in the metadata describing the work. Then CrossRef,
DataCite, or UberResearch can push that metadata into the researcher's
ORCID record - and from there it can be used to automatically update any
institutional or other systems that the researcher has linked to their

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