[Irtalk] Ranking Web of Repositories Reccomendations

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Mon Jan 19 12:16:31 SAST 2015

​​The institutional repository is a very important asset of the institution
as a whole, not only of the library.
That means that the name of the university or research institute should be
clearly identified in a meaningful way.
​Repositories should consist mainly of full text papers, not just
bibliographic records.
That means that the link to the full text file should be clearly marked in
the web page of each record.
Some repository designs make it difficult to locate such links.​
​For scientists it is important that the link to the full text is easily
The following should be avoided when providing a full-text link:

   - Very long URLs.
   - URLs with nonsense characters that have no meaning. We suggest to use,
   for example, the last name of the first author and the publication year.
   - File names without suffix indicating the type (.pdf, .doc, .ps, etc).
   You can follow the recommendations indicated here and here.​

​See: ​
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