[Irtalk] Collaboration: On the Edge of a New Paradigm? | Documentary Heaven

Hilton Gibson hilton.gibson at gmail.com
Wed Feb 18 13:09:09 SAST 2015

*​Collaboration is a film that sets about explaining a new way of thought
or shift in paradigm with regards to the way we as humans create and
educate ourselves.* Collaboration is deeply routed within society and is
something we need to rediscover in light of the new tools available to us
today. To get a better idea of how the creative minds are operating these
days, the filmmaker Alfred set out on a journey to the birthplace of modern
technology, the Bay Area in California. Here he *talks to some of the
leading practitioners in the field, uncovering clues and insights into the
new possibilities for collaboration and opportunities that society now has
with the age of the internet upon us.​*

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