[Irtalk] When Crises Collide: The Tension Between Null Results and Reproducibility | The Scholarly Kitchen

Hilton Gibson hilton.gibson at gmail.com
Wed Sep 10 11:45:16 SAST 2014

In the “chicken little” world of scholarly publishing, reeling from crisis
to crisis is business as usual. We seem averse to the concept of steady,
incremental improvement and must instead face constant impending doom. *The
serials crisis has become a permanent fixture in our culture, and we remain
in the throes of the access crisis and the (at least perceived) peer review
crisis. The data access crisis is just coming over the horizon, and it’s
going to be a doozy.* The reproducibility crisis and the negative results
crisis are both coming into their prime, and represent an interesting
conflict. While both chase similar goals–increased transparency, increased
efficiency and trust in the literature–their proposed solutions seem at
odds with one another.

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