[Irtalk] The issue with Pre/post prints

Magodongo April Mahlangu MahlanguMA at tut.ac.za
Tue Sep 9 14:56:48 SAST 2014

I think we need to try to always upload the post print. This is to keep the quality of open access material. It must be remembered that we signed the Berlin declaration on open access and institutional repository is one of the way in which we contribute in the open access initiative.

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Dear Rose

I would suggest that each new version be uploaded as a new item. Chances are that the original pre-print might have been cited already. Therefore it cannot be replaced/withdrawn. Keeping all together as part of one item might work, but then the item will end up with more than one title etc.  And you will have to indicate the versions as part of the description field (next to the full text file).

Since a pre-print has not gone through the peer-review process yet, we do not upload pre-prints at all, but rather wait for the post-print.

Can you maybe share an example of a pre-print available through your repository?

Any other suggestions out there?

Kind regards


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I would like to start a discussion on the IRTalk on the use of Pre prints on repositories. We have discovered that after publication, the titles and other information often changes completely. How does other repository managers go about addressing this issue on their repositories? It has become a recent issue in our institution.

Rose Manala
CSIR Repository manager

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