[Irtalk] ​Governance in Africa (GiA)

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Thu Jul 31 10:52:04 SAST 2014

Governance in Africa (GiA) provides an alternative form of academic journal
offering free access to research and expert commentary from leading and
emerging authors in the field, and from those who have direct experience of
the impacts of governance in Africa today. In this context, ‘governance’ in
Africa refers to the local/traditional, the national, the regional and the

Good governance is a central preoccupation among policy makers and
development practitioners, but in-depth and context specific analysis based
on sound and localised evidence is sparse in the literature and dispersed
among a variety of loosely associated publications.
*The objective of GiA is to consolidate knowledge in this field and bring
together a substantial evidential base on which to make relevant,
constructive and informed policy choices.​*

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