[Irtalk] Impact of Social Sciences – The Impact Factor and Its Discontents: Reading list on controversies and shortcomings of the Journal Impact Factor.

Hilton Gibson hilton.gibson at gmail.com
Wed Jul 30 15:49:17 SAST 2014

Thompson Reuters have released the annual round of updates to their ranked
list of journals by journal impact factor (JIF) in yesterday’s Journal
Citation Reports. Impact Factors have come under increasing scrutiny in
recent years for their lack of transparency and for misleading attempts at
research assessment.* Last year the San Francisco Declaration on Research
Assessment (DORA) took a groundbreaking stance by explicitly disavowing the
use of impact factors in assessment. This document has since drawn support
worldwide and across the academic community. But what exactly are Journal
Impact Factors and why are they cause for so much concern?* Here is a
reading list that highlights some helpful pieces we’ve been able to feature
on the Impact blog over the last few years.

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