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Hilton Gibson hilton.gibson at gmail.com
Wed Jul 16 09:29:43 SAST 2014

To measure the effectiveness of these mandates MELIBEA has ranked and
weighted OA mandates according to their specific requirements, and assigned
them an overall score for strength.

*​There is a weak but significant positive correlation between the MELIBEA
overall weighted score for mandate strength and the Public Access (PA)
deposit rate.​*

If the policy stipulates that deposit is mandatory “For internal use”
(e.g., research performance evaluation) deposit rate is significantly
higher for PA and RA (Restricted Access) combined; deposit latency for PA
alone is also significantly shorter.

Finally, if the policy requires that the deposit must be done “At time of
acceptance,” deposit rate is significantly higher for combined PA and RA
deposits, compared to requiring deposit “At time of publication” or

This effect is significant only for 2011 and almost significant for all
years combined.

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