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Wed Jul 16 09:24:18 SAST 2014

ASH shows the increasing attraction of digital access to information. *In
May, the number of downloads was twice the number of items loaned or
renewed by Harvard’s libraries, said repository manager Colin Lukens. In
the same month, he said, DASH downloads exceeded the number of requests
made through HOLLIS, the open-to-all platform for Harvard Library system

“The curve is up,” said Peter Suber, director of the Harvard’s Office for
Scholarly Communication (OSC), which administers DASH. That curve will only
continue to rise, he said, bringing more global exposure for faculty work
to users inside and outside the academy.

“We’re sharing Harvard research with everybody with an Internet
connection,” he said, “not just with the people lucky enough to be
affiliated with libraries rich enough to subscribe to the journals in which
those authors publish.”


*In May 2014, SUNScholar had 9500 downloads according to our Piwik
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