[Irtalk] Announcing Readium.js, a JavaScript library for browser-based EPUB 3 reading | Readium

Hilton Gibson hilton.gibson at gmail.com
Thu Feb 20 21:13:00 SAST 2014

Today Readium.org announced that the Readium Web project is being
refactored to deliver a JavaScript library for browser-based EPUB 3
reading. Currently in early alpha, the new Readium,js is a lightweight,
compact (20KB compressed) client-side library. When complete, Readium.js
will enable easy deployment of any EPUB publication from any web server to
all modern browsers (mobile and desktop). An initial demo of online reading
of EPUB 3 utilizing Readium.js is live at
http://readium.github.io/readium-viewer-demo1. For preliminary
documentation and to get the code, visit
http://readium.github.io/Readium-Web-Components/get-started/use-it.html .

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