[Irtalk] Teaching an Old University Press Publisher New Tricks: Living in the Present and Preparing for the Future of Scholarly Communications

Hilton Gibson hilton.gibson at gmail.com
Thu Aug 14 17:07:34 SAST 2014

This article looks at practical issues in scholarly publishing pertaining
to training, educating, and preparing scholarly publishing professionals
for today’s technology-driven world. To provide a context for my views,
I’ll begin by describing the nature of publishing at The Pennsylvania State
University Press

 Next, I’ll explore what contemporary publishing means within the setting
of a university press. Then, using the following questions as a guide, I’ll
map what skills might look like, now and in the future.

*​​One, what skills and expertise are publishers looking for in
“contemporary book and journal publishing”?​*

*​Two, where/how does one acquire those skills?*

*​​Three, as publishing evolves, how will the skill sets for publishers

*And, four, where are publishers looking now for help in that future?​*

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