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Hilton Gibson hilton.gibson at gmail.com
Wed Aug 13 16:11:38 SAST 2014

*People have been talking about digital libraries for about a quarter
century now, but we still argue about what they are and where they are
going.* In Exploring Digital Libraries, I endeavour to sort out both. While
I do offer a definition of what the phrase “digital libraries” means in the
context of current research and practice, the truth is that myriad diffuse
definitions and opinions about digital libraries continue being expressed.

There are even more perspectives on where digital libraries are going. Last
week I asked some colleagues to send me one sentence each on the topic of
digital libraries in this time of large-scale, web- and network-driven
societal change.  This somewhat kaleidoscopic, crowd sourced blog post is
my attempt to weave together what they sent me.

I have arranged their 10 contributions in 4 sections:

   - Digital libraries and the social web: collections to communities?
   - Overcoming barriers and seizing opportunities for transformation
   - “Social” digital libraries, the semantic web and scholarship
   - “Conscious coordination” of strategic actions


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