[Irtalk] Announcement of the winner and runners-up of the Open Access Award for Developing countries!

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Congratulations, Ina!


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Dear Colleagues
Congratulations to Ina Smith from Stellenbosch University, who was announced as one of the runners-up of the Open Access Award for Developing countries! See EIFL e-mail below for more details. 
The winner of the inaugural award is  Dr Francis Jayakanth of the National Centre for Scientific Information, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India.
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*Press Release January 1st 2012*


*The Electronic Publishing Trust for Development is pleased to announce the
winners of a new annual award to be made to individuals working in
developing countries who have made a significant personal contribution to
advancing the cause of open access and the free exchange of research
findings. *

We received 30 proposals from organisations in 17 developing countries on
four continents, naming individuals who have worked hard to promote Open
Access and who have achieved substantial progress. The selection of a
single winner was extremely difficult as we received nominations for so
many individuals who have made impressive strides by any or all of the
following means:-

   - establishing OA institutional repositories;

   - setting up or encouraging conversion to OA journals;
   - achieving establishment of OA mandates requiring research to be OA on
   publication, or other policy developments;
   - advocating OA via seminars, publications, workshops, videos;
   - training others in the technology of setting up IRs;
   -  preparing and establishing e-learning projects;
   - working towards the acceptance of Creative Commons licensing
   arrangements for research publications;
   - developing software for use in OA practices.

Because of the high standard of the applicants, we have decided to name a
single winner, but also to recognise three other individuals who were very
close runners-up. All will receive a certificate and the winner will
receive in addition an engraved plaque in the next few weeks.

We are very happy to announce that the winner of the inaugural award is *Dr
Francis Jayakanth* of the National Centre for Scientific Information,
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India.  Dr Jayakanth played a
significant role in the establishment of India?s first institutional
repository (IR) (http://eprints.iisc.ernet.in). He now manages the IR and
has provided technical support for establishing IRs in many other
universities and institutes in India. He has been the key resource person
at many events to train people in setting up IRs and OA journals. He has
delivered presentations on IRs, OA journals, the OAI protocol, OAI
compliance, the benefits of OA to authors and institutions and the role of
libraries. He has developed a free and open source software tool (CDSOAI),
which is widely used.

*The Indian Institute of Science is the most prestigious institute in **
India** and its IR now holds >31,400 records, making the century-old
institute's research far more globally visible than before. The University
Grants Commission in **India** has been impressed by the IISC?s IR and has
directed all universities in **India** to replicate this effort*.

Francis Jayakanth can indeed be considered an OA ?renaissance man?, an
advocate and technical expert in all aspect of Open Access development and
an inspiration to all, both at the research and policy level.

The EPT is proud to congratulate Dr Jayakanth as our first Award winner. We
believe this Award and the example of our first winner will inspire many
others and lead to similarly impressive nominations  in 2012.

The runners-up for this award were (in alphabetical order):

  - *Ina Smith*, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa;
  - *Tatyan Zayseva*, Khazar University, Azerbaijan;*
  - Xiaolin Zhang*, National Science Library, Chinese Academy of  Science.

The EPT wishes to congratulate them and *all* who have been proposed, since
without exception they have made a significant personal contribution to the
sharing of research findings across the world.  We will be sharing some of
their stories and successes on our blog over the next few weeks.

Electronic Publishing Trust for Development
Web site http://www.epublishingtrust.org <http://www.epublishingtrust.org/> 
Ept Blog http://www.epublishingtrust.blogspot.com <http://www.epublishingtrust.blogspot.com/> 
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