[Duraspace] Long-term sustainability through OSS implementations of open file formats | Digital meets Culture

Hilton Gibson hilton.gibson at gmail.com
Thu Jun 26 11:28:33 SAST 2014

*Understanding fundamental challenges relating to lock-in effects and use
of different file formats for long-term maintenance of digital assets is an
essential component to the success of any memory institution.* Research
results show that maintenance and support contracts for proprietary
licensed software are typically provided for (up to) 10 years. Hence,
digital assets (files) outlive proprietary software in any long-term
maintenance scenario. Consequently, it is clear that tools used for the
initial creation of files will not be available during the complete
life-cycle for systems used by memory institutions. Many organisations
therefore seek to adopt open file formats and Open Source software (OSS)
solutions as a strategy for minimising risks for losing control of their
digital assets.

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