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    *DSpace 2013 Vision Document*

*Comment:* minor language change

  Note     title Long-term Vision vs. DSpace 4.0

In case it is not evident, this Vision Document describes a longer-term
vision for the DSpace platform.  It does NOT have any relationship to
the DSpace
4.0 Release <https://wiki.duraspace.org/#> scheduled for end of 2013.
DSpace 4.0 will just involve improvements to the existing DSpace platform.
This Vision Document describes a (potentially) new, modernized DSpace
platform, which could only be implemented should we be able to locate
necessary resources from our community or elsewhere.

   Table of Contents

 DSpace 3-5 Year Vision Statement

The following statements describe, at a high level, what goals the DSpace
open source product should strive to meet:

   - DSpace will focus on the fundamentals of the modern "Institutional
   Repository" use case. We are (re-)building striving to meet the IR for needs
   of the next 5-10 years.
   - DSpace will be re-architected to be "lean", with agility and
   flexibility as primary goals.
   - DSpace will include a "core" set of functionality that can be
   "extended" (think Wordpress-like plugins) or have "hooks" (integration
   points) to complimentary services/tools
   - DSpace will be designed in such a way that it can be easily/quickly
   configured to integrate with new & future tools/services in the larger
   digital scholarship "ecosystem"
   - DSpace will support low-cost, hosted solutions and deployments (by
   featuring an easy, "just works" setup)

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