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Smith, Ina <ismith@sun.ac.za> ismith at sun.ac.za
Fri Feb 14 12:32:58 SAST 2014

Hi Ralph

Thanks. I've shared that with the student. My concern is more the library web page again. Searching for information resources ... Sorry I haven't specified, since the mailing list I posted to is a library mailing list :)

Kind regards

Ina Smith
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From: Pina, Ralph <ralph at sun.ac.za>
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Cc: Stevens, DOROTHY <dstevens at sun.ac.za>; Du Toit, C <corina at sun.ac.za>; Johnson, Marc-Allen <maj at sun.ac.za>
Subject: RE: Help Please

The general starting point is http://my.sun.ac.za (my.SUN). Then the user chooses the "postgraduate" persona. That should be the advice. The "postgraduate" persona owner is Dorothy Stevens at PGIO (CC'd) who controls what appears on my.SUN for postgraduates.

The Library should advise Dorothy how it wants to be represented in that space. Of course the idea would not be to replicate the detail on my.SUN that already appears in the Library's website, but my.SUN could be benificially used to get a postgrad to relevant, deeper places within the Library site quickly. To this end, my.SUN has a VERY powerful filter function (a sort of search) for the apps that are registered in it (try it).

Refer to: http://blogs.sun.ac.za/it/2014/01/30/what-is-the-my-sun-menu/.

Hope that helps somewhat.
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Subject: [Wcm] FW: Help Please

I assisted the student in the end, but my concerns in terms of the web ....

-          Less is more. We try to provide too much info ...

-          Students don't know where to start - their primary need is to find reliable full text content easily, and they don't find the options available user-friendly. They want to know where to start to find content for their research. Focus should be on that. The main page should be far more simple - almost like Google

-          The web should be as such that researchers can help themselves ... without training or assistance ... it should be more intuitive ...

-          URL's should be much shorter
Kind regards

From: Islari Reitz [mailto:Islari.Reitz at moolmans.com]
Sent: 13 February 2014 07:57 PM
To: SU e-Research Repository / US e-Navorsingsbewaarplek
Subject: Help Please

Hi There,

It it possible to please help me get to EBSCHOHOST on your website. I am a new Master's Studentat your University and I am really struggling with the new University website.

I would also like to know how to get to SUNLearn or EMaties or something that is called something in the same manner.

Will appreciate it.

18867286 , I Wessels.


Islari Reitz | Recruitment Officer

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