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Fyi - to be discussed during the Library Web Committee Meeting where applicable. 

Many thanks Carrie for this communication and thorough summary, and Wouter and Natasja and all involved in the meeting yesterday! Much appreciated.

Kind regards
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Subject: Stellenbosch LIS Website Meeting Minutes 28/7


Please forward this within Stellenbosch as appropriate. We covered a lot in yesterday’s meeting. Please find below action points from the meeting and details of discussions and decisions made regarding:

·         Content editing roles and approval and translation workflow

·         URLS – internet authoring site vs intranet site

·         Staging Environment

·         Information Architecture specifics and masterpage translations

Action Points

·         Carrie – Research and answer question: Can we only provision an Afrikaans page when a new English page is created - not on update?  To cut down on the number of emails sent.

·         Carrie – look at options around the out of scope news design item on the bottom right of the homepage and branch libraries homepage – prepare some possible solutions for consideration.

·         Carrie – contact Julian today to obtain access to staging and live environment - I would like to look at the patch level and topography in these environments ASAP.

·         Carrie – plan to attend meeting with Rianna Tuesday 2nd of august Tuesday 12-1:30.

·         Wouter to discuss with Ina looking at broader project planning for the Stellenbosch team. It will be useful for everyone involved as Stellenbosch to have a documented timeline to ensure their deliverable dates are met. We have a timeline already for bSOLVe deliverables. This would be separate to that and relate in the main to Stellenbosch players. Suggest including items such as

o   When content loading is happening. I suggest you start making a note of who is doing what when for your internal planning.

o   A date for deliverable of the URL rewriter to bSOLVe by Marc. Wouter – I believe you also have a date for deliverable of the spec to Marc

o   Staging environment available to bSOLVe

o   Live environment available to bSOLVe

o   Cut over date (Hard launch date)  for IT to change the IP that library.sun.ac.za points to

·         Wouter  - reply with a list of each person who will be publishing content (can I get full name for each person and a quick note on each person’s role e.g Joe Bloggs – branch librarian at JS Gericke Library)

·         Wouter – reply with full names of people who will have the rights to update the calendar

Content editing roles and approval and translation workflow

·         I described how SharePoint Approval workflow and Variations work. I also mentioned the ‘View Changes’ functionality and its relevance during translation of content changes, described in detail here


·         We discussed who will update the calendar. Wouter to confirm.

·         We made the following decisions:

o   The same content editor will be writing Afrikaans as writes English on each item.

o   Wouter and Natasja will make it a business rule that content editors should not enter information in Afrikaans without first entering the information in English.

o   During the build process we have decided there will be no approval mechanism in process. All content editors will simply publish their content with no approval required or emails sent.

o   We discussed and ruled out for Phase 1 delivery having different approval processes and approvers for different branches, facilities and content areas.

o   We decided to have one person sitting in the approval role. Initially this is Natasja – the Stellenbosch team are looking at rotating this position every 2 months. Deline may be the next content approver

·         We decided to turn on the approval and translation notification workflow once content creation is complete but before hard launch

·         We will be turning on the approval and translation notification workflow on staging in one of our passed deliveries

·         The ideal approval and translation notification workflow was discussed at length and a decision was made on the following scenario for content publishing

o   English page submitted for approval

o   Email to approver (initially Natasha)

o   Natasha approves item

o   Ideally item is published automatically on approval so there is no further manual step here

o   Email sent to person who marked item for approval. The email states that the item is approved and published and asks the recipient to translate and publish the Afrikaans version.

o   The email recipient translates and publishes Afrikaans version – Ideally there is no approval process here  (Carrie to look at turning  off workflows on all Afrikaans libraries)

Once I receive the names of the content editors and the people with access to the calendar, and any additional feedback from Wouter and Natasja’s discussion with the content editors I will put this information into a more formal document which we will  can then configure the system against.

URLS – internet authoring site vs intranet site

Wouter brought up that there was still internal discussion around URLs author.bib.ac.za had been seen by IT as not fitting in with the intranet plan for the future. I put forward that that author.bib.ac.za is best seen as the authoring side of an internet site rather than an intranet site.  I advised that the library intranet is best planned separately from the internet site and created as an entirely separate web application.  The internet application and it's two URLs are based on a publishing site template at the site collection level. When the intranet is built I advise it is created from scratch under a different application and site collection with a more appropriate site template better suited to collaborative work.  The intranet site will also be focused on the needs of the broader staff – the authoring URL will only be accessed by content editors and approvers of library.sun.ac.nz – we estimate this at around 12 to 15 people.

Development work has begun on author.bib.ac.za and any change to the URL at this stage will push out the development timeline by at least a week and a half.

Staging Environment

·         At Wouter’s suggestion I explained the importance of the staging environment farm replicating the production environment farm. SharePoint configuration is sensitive to environmental issues and having an adequate staging environment will allow us to find and resolve any problems before releasing to a production environment.

·         I am waiting for access to the staging and production environment access to be sent through from IT.

·         If an adequate staging environment is not already available it may not be possible for IT to provision one within our short timeframe. In this case I need to know exactly what is available as soon as possible so plan out a pragmatic approach forward considering our timeline, perhaps including an earlier configuration on the live environment. Impacts of not having a suitable staging environment  will need to thought through and additional risks communicated with the team.

·         Wouter suggested I consider attending next Tuesday’s IT meeting with Rhiana to follow up on staging environment with Julian. Ideally I would like access to at least the live environment this week so I can look at server topography and current server patch level.

·         Wouter had questions around which URLs applied to which environment – dev, staging and production, and how to access to staging and live environment before cutover. I replied that the two URLs will exist in each of the three environments. To access the staging and ‘live prior to cut over’ sites Wouter will need to add entries in his local hosts file to switch between the different environments. Then at the time of the hard launch Stellenbosch IT will need to switch the IP address that library.sun.ac. I will send through exact instructions on how to add a host file entry when we have something in a staging environment for Wouter to look at.

Information Architecture specifics and masterpage translations

We had already covered the IA earlier but today went through it with a fine toothed comb defining exactly which items are sites, pages and links to external resources. I have documented this exactly and attached to this email.

We also prepared the exact translations for Afrikaans on the masterpage.  Wouter has documented and emailed this to me. I have passed this on to the bSOLVe design and development team.

Whew! I think that about covers it. Thanks for yesterday guys – we did well.


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