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Gallant Matizirofa lazarus.matizirofa at up.ac.za
Sun May 7 12:54:39 SAST 2023

Reflection on Berlin Open Access 2011 signed at Stellenbosch University by
South African libraries...is now a departed pathway that was so noble.

The debate about APCs and Transformation Agreements, will never rescue our
academic library budgets. Africa needs a serious conversations for an
academic African Renaissance where African goverments, academics, academic
funders, academic libraries and tax payers discuss and shape a common Open
Access agenda that is sustainable for our regional research ecosystems.

African academic libraries are slowly walking away from the equitable open
access flavours, by simply signing away knowledge created, peer reviewed
and produced by academics.

We have to fight on with academics who are raising matters with big
publishers, resigning and starting OJS journals or cheaper journals. The
big publishers are coming to Africa, hosting librarians to  'wise' dialogue
and lunches, providing sponsorships, etc and conning us to sign off 'wolf
hidden' deals reversing the journey of the Berlin Open Access, 2003 which
disrupted the global commercial academic knowledge dissemination in the
last two decade. Where is the voice of the African academics?

The green OA, OJS and OMPs which academic libraries started would have
spared libraries and universities from these greedy big publishers. Maybe
it's too late...Read and Publish deals have already waylead us to the
greedy publishers for the foreseeable future.

#African Open Science 2024


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