[IRTalk] Announcing OASPA Webinar: Normalizing Open Research practices via grassroots community-building

Bernie Folan bernie.folan at oaspa.org
Wed Jun 8 19:30:44 SAST 2022

OASPA's next webinar is entitled *Normalizing Open Research practices via
grassroots community-building *and will take place on Wednesday June 29.
Full information can be found on this post.

The webinar which will focus on the ways in which researchers and scholars
are normalizing Open Research practices via grassroots community-building.
We will hear from speakers from different regions who will relate what has
worked in their specific communities, quick wins and slow wins, and what
they recommend for other members of the community (whether other
researchers, or publishers and librarians).

The webinar will be chaired by *Dan Morgan *who will quickly frame open
research practices and how they can be influenced by both top-down policy
and grassroots, bottom-up community building.

We welcome our panelists: *Etienne Roesch *who will present a national
network approach with the UK Reproducibility Network, *Caleb Kibet *will
bring in perspectives from bioinformatics and Kenya and *Anita Eerland* will
consider university-based community-building, and experience with a
scholarly society committed to openness and improving research practices.

The panellists will each speak for 10-15 minutes, and then we will open it
up to questions from the audience and discussion.

Please join us
<https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_ropKeKkHQAegxc4TxDCB3g> live
for this free webinar and contribute to the discussion.

*Link to registration page: bit.ly/June22-OASPAWebinar
<https://bit.ly/June22-OASPAWebinar>.  *Please share within your network.

Best wishes,


*Bernie Folan*
Communications, Engagement and Outreach Manager, OASPA
OASPA, Open Access Scholarly Publishing Association
bernie.folan at oaspa.org
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