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Please add your names in your personal capacity if your institutions won't sign.


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Subject: [EIFL-IP] COVID-19: Call on WIPO to take a stand

Global groups representing researchers, educators, students and the institutions that support them (such as libraries) ask WIPO to take a stand so that IP systems are a support, not a hindrance, in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic

EIFL worked with partner organizations in drafting an open letter to the Director-General of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Dr Francis Gurry, calling on WIPO to ensure that intellectual property (IP) systems are a support, not a hindrance, in global efforts to tackle the coronavirus crisis, and its consequences. Update 7 April: the letter has been endorsed by more than 300 organizations and individuals in 45 countries.

The open letter highlights how the pandemic has shone a bright light on the importance of limitations and exceptions to IP rights to enable scientific discovery and human flourishing. For example, a Canadian text and data mining project that scoured copyrighted news articles, among other data, enabled researchers at a start-up company to send the first warnings to the world of the spread of the virus. The research was enabled by Canada’s flexible fair dealing right for research purposes. And the earliest potential treatments for the virus are being enabled by experimental use exceptions to patent rights on existing medicines.

Read more: https://www.eifl.net/news/covid-19-call-wipo-take-stand

The letter remains open for endorsements here<https://tinyurl.com/WIPOCOVIDSignOn>.

Teresa Hackett
Copyright and Libraries Programme Manager
EIFL - Electronic Information for Libraries

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