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Great stuff Ina. Yes, indeed universities may be transformers in their locale. Is there some guidance frame of how Cape Town did it – so that others can benchmark and ‘did it’ as well.

Thanks and have a lovely day,


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Forwarded on behalf of TENET, South Africa
We're pleased to be able to announce that eduroam is now available in 57 of the City of Cape Town's public libraries. This is the culmination of about two years of negotiation and work involving TENET, CHEC, the four Western Cape universities, and of course the City of Cape Town. While this might not be significant achievement in Europe, it is in South Africa: as far as we are aware it is the first instance of eduroam hosted on city-wide and city-owned infrastructure in Africa.

Our press release about this was sent to local media this morning, and is available at https://www.tenet.ac.za/news/eduroam-coct-libraries-jul-2019

Publicity of this is important if we want to be able to use the CoCT success to persuade other cities to follow suit. For this reason we'd appreciate if if you could help raise awareness by getting your institutional Twitter accounts to retweet https://twitter.com/tenetnews/status/1148555285780414466.

- Guy
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