[IRTalk] Democratising Knowledge: a report on the scholarly publisher, Elsevier by Jonathan Tennant, Oct 2018.

Dr Leti Kleyn Leti at assaf.org.za
Mon Nov 19 13:28:18 SAST 2018

There are growing concerns that Elsevier, among other actors, are becoming very powerful as both publishers and knowledge service providers. Combined with soaring costs to journal subscriptions and services, political activism, extraordinarily high profit margins, and this increasing commercialisation of research infrastructure, Elsevier has positioned itself within a dysfunctional market as a leading actor in the commercialisation of knowledge, research information, and education. In a recent global survey among Education International's affiliates in the further and higher education and research sector, a number of affiliates have pointed to the problematic situation where Elsevier are profiting hugely from publicly-funded research. However, despite widespread criticisms, there is little consensus on the best approach to challenge Elsevier. This report aims to provide the foundations for a critical study into Elsevier's business model and practices and contribute to developing policy objectives relating to open public access to research and educational materials, academic freedom, researcher autonomy, and the scholarly communication system. This research will form a key part of Education International's Global Response campaign on the commercialisation and marketisation in and of education aimed specifically at the further and higher education and research sector.

Full report here: https://eiie.sharepoint.com/sites/eiwebsite/Shared%20Documents/Public%20Links/WebDocs/2018_EIResearch_Elsevier_final_EN.pdf

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