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 Dear IR Community

Can anyone assist Fraser Jackson with this problem?



*From:* Fraser Jackson [mailto:tfjnetact at sun.ac.za]
*Sent:* Friday, 04 May 2018 17:26
*To:* Dr Leti Kleyn <Leti at assaf.org.za>
*Subject:* DSpace setup

Hello Leti

I'm trying to set up a server with DSpace, and have run into a problem.
When I try to install DSpace from Maven, I get an error as per the attached
screenshot.  Do you have any ideas? (I'm using Ubuntu 17 and DSpace6).




Fraser Jackson

NIP Executive Director
NetACT (Network for African Congregational Theology)
Stellenbosch University Theology Faculty
171 Dorp Street
Western Cape
South Africa


Tel: +27 21 808 3260; Mob/Cel/Port: +27 71 577 8155


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*Dr Leti Kleyn*
Research Fellow, Office of the Dean
Faculty of Humanities
leti.kleyn at up.ac.za
082 347 9982


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