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Neil Jacobs (Jisc’s head of open science and research lifecycle) outlines a
small project that is just started, to take further steps in addressing the
difficult challenge of deciding what research data should be kept.

*What research data should be kept?*
Researchers, data curators and policy makers all need to answer the
question, what research data should be kept? We can’t keep it all, because
that would be too expensive and time-consuming. However, we have to keep
data that is irreplaceable and unique in its value for future research; to
enable it to be reused and validated; to enable peer review to be informed;
and to enable there to be trust in research findings. Types of data needing
to be retained vary and may include related materials such as software and
documentation. But how much and what is enough? Obviously, there is no
single answer to that; it depends on many factors, but what are those
factors, and how should we weight them? These remain difficult and open
questions, but this year Jisc is working with the Charles Beagrie
consultancy to take a step toward answering them.

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