[IRTalk] Software & Data Carpentry Instructor Training for South Africans

Anelda van der Walt anelda.vdwalt at gmail.com
Wed Jan 17 10:15:07 SAST 2018

Dear all,

We will be running the next round of Carpentry instructor training for
people who are *already using tools such as R, Python, Shell, Git, Matlab
from 21 - 23 February in South Africa*. This training event will teach
people how teaching and learning work, specifically if you have novices to
computing in the audience. It does not teach the tools itself. Please see
attached advertisement for more information.

For more information about Software, Data, and Library Carpentry, please

   - Software Carpentry (typically for people who develop research software
   as part of their research/work/studies): https://software-carpentry.org/
   - Data Carpentry (typically for people who analyse data as part of their
   research/work/studies): http://www.datacarpentry.org/
   - Library Carpentry (typically for librarians who want to learn new ways
   of supporting researchers and being more productive in their work):

The workshop is primarily for South African nationals, but if space permits
we will be able to accommodate applicants from other regions.

More *information and the application form link is available at
<https://tenet-rccpii.github.io/2018-02-21-South-Africa-ttt/>*. Please add
as much information to the application form to help us understand why you
would be a good candidate for the training.

We hope to be offering instructor training in other parts of Africa later
this year as well and will post information about upcoming training events

All the best for 2018!

Kind regards,


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