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Call for Papers
The Program Committee of the 21st International Symposium on Electronic Theses and Dissertations, ETD 2018, invites you to submit your proposals for papers, panel sessions, posters, and workshops.
I. Audience
ETD 2018 Taiwan will be a great opportunity for exchanging ETD experiences with professionals from different countries, also connecting to the good practices around the world.
The propose of the conference is to offer relevant, practice-oriented content to support ETD development and productivity improvement, as well as to provide useful and innovative resources, standards, and technology for the development and of ETD programs. Proposals are welcome from library, graduate school and information technology professionals, graduate students and faculty as well as library and information systems / services representatives.

II. Conference Theme
The conference theme of ETD 2018 Taiwan is “Beyond the Boundaries of Rims and Oceans: Globalizing Knowledge with ETDs”. We wish to promote knowledge value-added services through sharing system resources via cloud computing, and at the same time we will seek to enhance cooperation between the Library and schools and colleges, continue to develop related services such as cloud searching and system management in the hope of offering a better knowledge value-system to students and teachers of all levels and all researchers.
Presentation proposals should reflect one or more of the following three subtopics. Presenters are encouraged to use the examples under the subtopics as inspiration, but are not limited to these ideas and can expand upon them or generate new ones based on the subtopic themes. We invite you to submit proposals that address the following or related subtopics:

 1.  Collection and Sharing of Electronic Theses and Dissertations: Institutional Collections, Joint Collections, Open Access, Mechanism on the Submission, Collection and Application of Theses and Dissertations, Case Study on Data Management, Strategies of Data Preservation
 2.  International and Local Services of Electronic Theses and Dissertations: Local Development of ETD, International Development of ETD, Service Alliances, Technical Development, ETD Collection and Cataloging, Utilization of Open Source, Service Trends
 3.  Collection and Analysis Applications of Big Data: Data-mining, Cloud Computing, Visualization of Data, Data Scientists and ETD Big Data Application, ETD and Digital Humanities
 4.  The Research Energy of a Country Revealed in Theses and Dissertations: ETD and Academic Research Development, ETD Citation Analysis
 5.  Value-Added Knowledge of ETD and Development of Digital Contents Industry: ETD Business Model, ETD Publication and Added Values
 6.  Knowledge Property and Academic Ethics: ETD Knowledge Property and Copyright Protection, Management Mechanism of Digital Copyright, Academic Ethics
 7.  Others: Topics related to ETDs but not limited within the subtopics above

III. Types of Submissions

 1.  Papers:Presentation format options include
(1)Panel Session:Panel Session is a 1- hour session, intended for more in-depth breakout presentations on a single topic. Panels must have a cohesive theme and promote lively interaction between 2-4 panelists and audience members. Please submit a panel proposal up to 500 words, providing an overview of the issues to be discussed by the panel and brief bios of each of the panelists. Proposals should only list panelists who have agreed to participate and shall indicate the qualifications and contribution that each panelist will offer.
(2)Parallel Session:1-hour breakout session with 3 speakers, each has 15 minutes for presentation of case studies on a similar topic. Please submit a proposal of up to 500 words, providing a summary of the presentation topic and the qualifications of the speaker.
The accepted papers are required to submit a 3-page extended abstract, which will be posted on the conference website or other publications of National Central Library afterwards.

2.Poster sessions
(1)Posters introduce late-breaking results, work in progress, or research that is best communicated in an interactive or graphical format. Posters are expected to foster discussion in a personal and less formal setting. Poster presenters should submit an abstract of 500 words or less for consideration. The following information is suggested to be included: title, author, affiliation, abstract, propose, as well as graphs, pictures, conclusion, and reference. Poster presenters are also suggested to provide the contact information on the poster for the further contact of the interested parties. The accepted poster will be posted on the conference website afterwards.
The conference will provide a W100 (cm)*H200 (cm) board to each poster for exhibition. There are no limitations of the format as long as the poster is clear to read.
(2)Best Poster Award:The best poster award will be presented at the Closing plenary session. Please note that:
● The selection of the best poster will be voted by the attendance and the Program Committee
● The poster with the highest total will be awarded "Best Poster".

3.Conference workshops
Conference workshops are invited on important topics that focus on the themes of the conference that need to be addressed in-depth. Workshops should provide participants with opportunities to engage with study materials, the presenter(s) and workshop participants through discussions in order to broaden and deepen understanding in a particular area. Workshops range from 2 to 3 hours in length.
Please submit a proposal of up to 500 words, providing a summary of the workshop topic and the qualifications of the speaker.

IV. Deadline
The proposals must be submitted before March 31, 2018. The decision of acceptance will be announced by May 10, 2018.

V. Copyright declaration
It is agreed that: Effective as at the date of this agreement, copyright to the above work is hereby transferred to ETD 2018 Taiwan and its organizer, National Central Library (NCL), on the understanding that the work has been accepted for publication by ETD 2018 Taiwan. The copyright transfer covers the right to reproduce and distribute the work, including reprints, translations, photographic reproduction, microforms, electronic formats, or any other reproduction of similar nature. The Author(s) may reproduce, or authorize others to reproduce, the above work in printed format, electronic format, or any other format, provided that the source and the ETD 2018 Taiwan copyright notice are included, and the reproductions themselves are not offered for sale. The undersigned hereby permits ETD 2018 Taiwan and its organizer, National Central Library to use the above work in the NCL database and the ETD 2018 Taiwan website or to publish the above work in future publication.

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