[IRTalk] DSpace Technical Problems

Mabunda, Tyson ttmabunda at uj.ac.za
Fri Feb 24 09:18:13 SAST 2017

Dear Ina

Thank you for sharing and driving open access in Africa,
For the institutions using commercial repositories,  is there a forum to assist with Technical problems?

Kind regards,


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Dear IR Colleagues

Open Source (e.g. DSpace, more) supports a philosophy of people sharing, acquiring new skills, supporting one another, becoming less dependent on commercial service providers, and is far more sustainable. Through irtalk (almost 10 years old already) we try to communicate and share, but are well aware that lots of new technical skills and expertise have been developed in terms of DSpace over the past few years inside own institutions (Africa), which is fantastic. Often we don't know of one another, but it is not a problem. It is great that we can however help out where needed, and ask for advice. Thank you to those willing to share.

For technical or other DSpace related problems that you cannot share on your own, please post to any of the DSpace mailing lists at https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/DSPACE/Mailing+Lists

There are a couple of registered DSpace service providers<http://www.dspace.org/service-providers> specializing in solving DSpace problems if you cannot solve it yourself, and should you have something in your budget. Hopefully SA and African service providers will also register in future.

Please also contribute back to this community. We benefit in so many ways, and similar to Open Access - where we should also be uploaders and not only downloaders - please also give back. Together we can accomplish far more, and we all share leadership, for the benefit of all. We also encourage you to explore workshops, meetings, training in your regions - across Africa - to keep the conversation going. Please use this list to share anything related to OA and more, if you think we should take note. Thank you in advance for the many contributions from the past (I would like to acknowledge the many contributions from Hilton Gibson over the years and still), but also for those who continue to do so.

Wishing you all the best.

Kind regards

Ina Smith
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