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Hi L.
How did you overcome the issue with metadata standards for your IR, such
as the author naming conventions?
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>>> "Louw Venter" <Louw.Venter at nwu.ac.za> 08/31/2017 15:16 >>>
We did not make use of the ORCID integration included in DSpace; instead
we built something externally (called NWU Manuscript) using the DSpace
Manuscript matches a unique author field in an item on DSpace to the
in-house registry we keep of NWU authors with ORCID numbers. If a match
is found the ORCID record is populated with that item.

We would ideally like to push back into DSpace (from say a RIMS system)
- but that is for future development.


Louw Venter

Vrywaringsklousule / Disclaimer:
>>> On 31 August 2017 at 15:04, "Mabunda, Tyson" <ttmabunda at uj.ac.za>

I heard that University of North West’ IR is integrated into ORCID , and
they are using DSpace,
On IRTalk group, who is from North West?
Kind regards
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Thanks so much Nason! Do you know of a good example IR using ORCIDs, and
also a DSpace 7? And your own IR? 
And can you assist IRs if needed? Please feel free to share on this
mailing list how it works ...
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Dear Ina,
Another thing to think about is the move to DSpace 7 which has a
complete rewrite of the UI (only one UI using Angular JS will  be
available). DSpace 7 uses a lot of improvements made in DSpace 6+ in
terms of the back-end and Application layers  which may make upgrading
to 7 a little bit better.
On 31 August 2017 at 13:46, Nason Bimbe <nasonbimbe at gmail.com> wrote:
Dear Ina,
The latest version is 6.1 (http://dspace.org/latest-release) but if you
are 5.5/6 or later, it is advisable to go to 5.7 that is if you can not
go to 6.1 straight away. 5.7 and 6.1 has a security fix for a
vulnerability that was discovered in the earlier versions of DSpace
including 6.0. in February 2017. 6.1 also uses the latest ORCID API
ver.2 as the ver.1 which is in 5.x has been retired by ORCID.
On 31 August 2017 at 13:30, Ina Smith <Ina at assaf.org.za> wrote:
Dear Nason
Many thanks for pointing out. Good to take note. Btw – what version of
DSpace is the most recent and stable at this stage? And if one wants to
have ORCID ID as a meteadata field, which version do you recommend?
ASSAf IR is on 5.5. Would appreciate your advise so much.
Kind regards
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Thanks Ina for the link.
The report seems rather old as they are comparing a DSpace 3+. For
example where they say it is not mobile friendly but as of DSpace 5+ it
is one can use Mirage2 UI (XMLUI) and a Bootstrap based UI (JSPUI) -
just to pick one of the attributes the report uses for comparison.
On 27 August 2017 at 17:48, Ina Smith <Ina at assaf.org.za> wrote:
A comparison of the 5 top IR software solutions by Unesco (2014)

DSpace service providers: http://www.dspace.org/service-providers/ 
DSpace hosted option: ht
BepreIf you know of any more resent comparisons, please share …
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