[IRTalk] The extent of South African authored articles in predatory journals

obinna Ojemeni obinnaojemeni at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 9 13:30:51 SAST 2017

Quite interesting to discover that SA researchers engage in Predatory Scholarship considering that an earlier study conducted in Nigeria which was published in 'Learned Publishing' (2015) titled 'Penetration of Nigerian Predatory Biomedical Open Access Journals 2007-2012: A Bibliometric Study, discussed SA role in Predatory publishing extensively. This very instrumental study was conveniently ignored by this SA study and does not show true scholarship by these set of authors. And might be encouraging knowledge hoarding among African scholars.
It's very unfortunate and raises the question concerning the quality of peer review done by South African Journal of Science on studies pertaining to Science Communication.
Obinna Ojemeni {M.Ed; M.Info.Sc}Lecturer,Department of Library and Information Science,Enugu State University of Science & Technology,Nigeria. at OBi_Ojemany
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