[IRTalk] Reminder: MORE3 survey on mobility patterns and career paths of researchers

MORE3 - On behalf of the European Commission invitation at chkmkt.com
Tue Apr 11 12:10:36 SAST 2017

If you can't read this email, click here <https://i.chkmkt.com/?e=74088&l=en&c=44933279&h=1DE9140A0F1DE24&r=n> .
Dear researcher,


We recently invited you to participate in a survey on the mobility patterns and career paths of researchers (including doctoral candidates) currently working outside Europe. So far, we have not received your response.

We would like to ask about your views, needs and experience of mobility. Do you collaborate with researchers in other countries? Have you worked in or with the non-university sector? How satisfied are you with your current working conditions and career prospects?

Your responses will help the European Commission to develop better policies that should improve the mobility opportunities, career prospects and working conditions of researchers.

The questionnaire should take no more than 10-15 minutes to complete.

  Click here to start » <https://s.chkmkt.com/?e=74088&c=44933279&l=en&h=1DE9140A0F1DE24>   

Thank you in advance for your survey participation and feedback. All answers will be treated as strictly confidential and processed anonymously.

Emiliano Carozza
Policy Officer responsible for the study
DG Research and Innovation
European Commission

Vincent Duchêne
Project Director
IDEA Consult

MORE III Global Survey endorsement letter.pdf <https://d3ttam7wzq4yc2.cloudfront.net/lib/4563/files/326.pdf> 

This survey is open to all researchers currently working outside Europe. To broaden the response, we appreciate your help in spreading the word.
Click here to invite other researchers to participate <https://t.chkmkt.com/?e=74088&l=en&c=44933279&h=1DE9140A0F1DE24&v=0> 

If you encounter any technical difficulties while completing the survey, please contact us at surveyGlobal at more3.eu <mailto:surveyEU at more3.eu>   

For further information about the project, please visit www.more3.eu <http://www.more3.eu> 

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Unsubscribe <https://o.chkmkt.com/?e=74088&l=en&c=44933279&h=1DE9140A0F1DE24> 

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